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NPR listeners are highly-educated, professionally successful, community-minded, active and engaged people.

Individual Donation

Thank you for your interest in supporting WVGN 107.3 FM and joining a distinctive group of listeners whose continuous and generous contributions make it possible to provide the quality, commercial-free, news and public affairs programming of National Public Radio.

To ensure the continuation of the programs that enrich your life and stimulate your intellect, please make a tax-deductible, charitable contribution today and help preserve the only National Public Radio station in the Virgin Islands.


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Corporate Sponsorship / Underwriting

While listeners make individual donations in support of WVGN, public radio still requires funding from within the business, government and non-profit communities. When such an entity makes a contribution, referred to as underwriting, it will receive an on-air acknowledgement for their sponsorship of the public radio program.

There is a reciprocal value associated with underwriting public radio. The contribution is not only a tax-deductible gift, but also because it serves the interests of the community by supporting the continuance of quality programming, the on-air acknowledgement will often strengthen the sponsor's image. Listeners commonly agree they have a more favorable opinion of a company when they learn it supports public radio.

WVGN 107.3 FM public radio attracts an audience of the most affluent and educated listeners in the Islands. Typically, National Public Radio listeners have more disposable income than the average citizen and are willing to spend their money to get what they want. They comprise a group of savvy business leaders, with the majority possessing a higher-than-average business purchasing power; and civically, these individuals are more active and influential within their communities.

To underwrite programming for WVGN 107.3 FM, the Virgin Islands' only National Public Radio station, please email us at info@wvgn.org or call us at 800.275.6437.